Traditional, homemade,

craft jam making,

with a motorized jam mixer

Durable and reliable

If you regularly make jam from a lot of fruit,
jam, fruit cheese, other delicacies for your family,
or even for sale, then I have an offer for you:



cooking-mixing equipment

What is it that everyone 

wants in this topic?
We all want to
if in the least amount of time,
with the least amount of fatigue,
we can do it with the least amount of effort
the most delicious jam,
to make jam, zakuska, etc.

Marmela makes 

free time for you!

What is Marmela?

Marmela is a motorized cooking-mixing device,

which is jam, jam, snack, fruit cheeses, thick homemade jams,

it is a great help in making creams, sauces and crackers, because:

You don't have to stand around for hours

no need to stir and

it doesn't burn!

Many people easily say:

Oh, I have plenty of time!

Are you sure?

An average human life lasts 27,000 days.

That doesn't sound too much!

Moreover, as time running, time passes

we have less and less time to waste!

Not all the same if I stand for hours by the stove and stir,

or I sit down to read a story to my child or my grandchild, 

or I do something else more important.

Not all the same!

The other thing they used to say:

Oh, I have so much energy!

Are you sure?

Any way you look at it, over time

standing and stirring for hours is 

becoming more and more burdensome.

Not all the same what we spend our increasingly 

scarce human energy over time


The Marmela

represents a high value


The value of a product means how long the product

how efficiently and safely I can use it, how much it makes my life easier.

This tells me how much a product is worth, what its value is.

Let's see the most important thing: the price.

Oh, it's too expensive for me!

The question is, compared to what?

Only the value of the product determines whether the price is acceptable or not!

Marmela is not a disposable, cheap piece of equipment.


Durable and reliable.

The warranty period is 3 years, but the start of production and distribution,

Since 2015, there has not been a single warranty claim.

If you become a Marmela owner, you don't have to worry about having any problems with it, because Marmela is timeless and reliable.

How did we achieve this?

What guarantees durability?

All Marmela components are made of high-quality stainless steel.

The main aspects of the design were ease of use and durability.

Does Marmela give you security?

The Marmela has a powerful, high-geared, planetary 12-volt motor,

works with a "phone charger".

It is exactly as safe as a 12-volt flashlight or a children's toy railway.

The user of Marmela is completely safe, there is zero security risk!

We produce two models.

Their structure is the same, 

only their volume and engine power different.



The size of the pot is 16.5 liters.

The fruit that can be processed is approx. 12-14 liters.



The size of the pot is 21 liters.

The fruit that can be processed is approx. 17-19 liters.

Imagine what it will be like
if you read while making jam,
or do some other housework,
or just feel good with your family.
I'm reading while making jam.
I'm reading while making jam.

As the owner of Marmela, 

you can consider yours 

to be of high value.

How can you know it that?

We started manufacturing and distributing the Marmela cooking mixer in 2015.

Almost 10 years have passed since then, 

we have produced many hundreds of pieces and more 

they are all used, 

all work well, 

all serve their owner.

In almost 10 years, 

it is incalculable how much human time 

and energy it has saved its users.

In almost 10 years, it has made 

the lives of many owners easier.

Is Marmela complicated to use?

Not at all!

The components of the mixer can be assembled very quickly, 

it is not complicated, 

the components are logically connected to each other.

Disassembly takes only a few seconds.

Thick homemade jams and fruit cheeses as well

can it be made with Marmela?


The cooking-mixing equipment works 

without problems for many, many hours.

If necessary, for up to 10-12 hours, until the consistency 

of the jam and fruit cheese is sufficiently thick


Won't my potion burn?

Marmela has been designed in such 

a way that there is no such danger.

It is important to always cook at medium heat.

Is it easy to keep Marmela clean?

Since all parts are made of stainless steel, 

they can be washed by hand 

or even in a dishwasher in no time.

Another advantage is that 

we can make completely sugar-free, 

or even completely free, jam for diabetics

and we can interrupt the cooking process 

at any time and continue when it is convenient for us.

The sales process is simple and secure.

The customer fills out an order form on the website.

We will send a confirmation of this within a very short time.

We will send the invoice 

and user manual in the confirmation email

and a free "Practice and Recipes" PDF small book, 

in which you will find many useful things about making jam.

The product is delivered by a courier company 

to the specified address and the courier must be 

paid in cash or by card upon delivery


If you want to become a Marmela owner,

 if you also want it to make your work easier, 

click here, on the order button.

If you have any questions, send an email to marmela.hu@gmail.com .