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Karl Ferenc, designer, developer
Karl Ferenc, designer, developer


I am Ferenc Karl, the designer of Marmela.

An old dream of mine has come true.

I love to cooking jam, marmelade and other delicacies!

Traditionally, it requires a lot of time and a lot of energy.

Especially if you are no longer particularly young. I don't think I'm telling any news.

For years, I planned, worked, and experimented so that when I embarked on such a culinary mischief, it would not rob me of my time and energy.

I can say that the result of this work was a great little kitchen appliance.

It feels very satisfying to know that I was able to help a lot of nice people in many, many kitchens.

The success is not just my success!

It includes the patience and encouragement of my family, the helpfulness and selflessness of my friends, and the words of appreciation and ideas of our customers, and the joy of our evenings drinking wine together.

We have a lot of work behind us, it's true, but we didn't expect so much support and love, which flowed and continues to flow towards us from many unknown people.

Thank you so much for it!

It was worth it!

The Marmela cooking and mixing equipment

manufacturer and distributor:

Karl Ferenc 


Hungary, 2071 Páty, Vörösmarty utca 27.

Tax number: 55269959-1-33


Karl Ferenc

designer, developer

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