Making traditional, homemade    artisanal jam,              with a new method

Even without sugar and additives. 


The two most important things in Your life 

are your time and energy, 

as they are both limited.

In fact they are finite. 

It matters how You use them! 

 I know your problems which 

are making your life miserable 

during cooking and stirring 

the jam, marmelade 

and other canned goods.

I know it because for 

many years I was struggling 

with the same problems. 

Standing for many hours, 

constant and tiring stirring, 

the constant attention not to 

let the bottom burn!

In additionally, 

the constant and lack of time! 

I linger here stirring 

this bubbling stuff when

so many other things 

should be done!

When will I have time for it?



With Marmela, we do it differently!

We have changed everything

regarding in the canning of 

jam, marmelade, zakuscha, 

fruit cheese and etc..

We believe in doing 

the canning processes differently, 

which traditionally take 

a lot of time and energy!

Why do we do this?

Because we have our own experience.

Because it is also the experiences 

of many, many of our dear customers.

Because your time is 

also important to us!


Because we know exactly 

what is your problem and 

how we can help you!


Because we know that 

the processing of 

many fruits and vegetables 

takes a lot of 

your valuable time!


it does that unnecessarily!

What have we done so far


what are we doing now?

We created a beautifully designed, 

hard-wearing, motorized 

cooking-mixing equipment, 

the Marmela.

Some people may 

not understand our faith 

in thinking differently.

We put traditional homemade, 

artisanal jam canning into 

action but with a new method.

Those who cannot accept this, 

of course can stick to the old ways 

there is no problem with that.

Jam, marmelade. zakuska and 

fruit cheese can be prepared 

in the usual, time-consuming 

way as well, 

of course it is possible too.


The most important 
things in life are 
your time and energy, 
as both are limited.
In fact! Finite!

Can You buy back

the time you wasted yesterday?


We know there are many 

who also think that it 

is worth going beyond the traditional 

time- and energy-wasting methods.


Here we show you:

According to 

our customers it is

excellent value for money!

Because what do 

you come get with 


We have calculated and experienced it alongside others.

You get: time, energy and lots of opportunities!

Our customers' imaginations are much more 

colorful than we have ever imagined.

It is surprising what food it is used to make besides jam: 

one of our customers is a confectioner, 

he makes chocolate with it.

Others make zakuska, polenta (puliska), pizza sauce, 

paprika cream, various chutneys, tomato sauce, 

ketchup, fruit cheese, basically anything 

that takes longer to cook and requires stirring.

You will have a kitchen tool that probably 

nobody among your acquaintances has!

How can you reduce your costs? 

Maybe there are some of your friends who

wants such a jam-making mixer! 

It often happens that friends and relatives get together to

buy MARMELA together and then they use it alternately.

You will have a kitchen tool that probably nobody among your acquaintances has!

My name is Karl Ferenc: I designed and developed Marmela.
My name is Karl Ferenc: I designed and developed Marmela.

Are you tired of standing 

by the stove?

Of course You are it's tiring! 

Are you tired of mixing 

for hours with your own hand?

Of course You are it's tiring!

Are you tired of concentrating 

not to get it burned?

Of course You are it's tiring!

Do you want to save your time?

Of course You do!

With Marmela 
You invest in your future.

No standing.
No mixing by hand.
No burning it.


A few words about 

the excellent value for money.

You should know that 

you are getting 

something of high value!

You are not just buying a simple machine,

but you are investing in your future.

We invested lot of work, 

time and expertise 


(electric jam mixer).

The secret:

The value you get here cannot 

be obtained anywhere else.

MARMELA is being manufactured 

and distributed only by our team.

When examining the value for money, 

take into account:

- MARMELA is not a "buy today, 

throw away tomorrow" product.

- The warranty period is 3 years.

- Note that MARMELA is: 

NOT an industrial, 

but an equipment intended 

for domestic use, which will 

serve you for many years.

- MARMELA is not a mass-produced, 

rapidly depreciating fashion item.

- There is no kitchen appliance 

on the market with the functionality,


look it up, that's right.

- The prices of somewhat 

similar equipment are much higher, 

and their performance are lower, 

like MARMELA's, 

look it up, that's right.

- MARMELA saves you time 

and as we know, time is money!

- You can make sugar- 

and additive-free jam and marmalade!

- Healthy nutrition is 

an increasingly important aspect!

Don't forget, 

You will not make a mistake! 


never had a warranty problem!

Never, not even one.

Click here to see the prices.

The most important thing is a satisfied customer!
The most important thing is a satisfied customer!

Do you think 

making jam is excruciating?

If you're thinking that, 

you're mistaken!

Making jam is 

not difficult or complicated at all.

Many years ago I also stood for hours 

by the smoking cauldron and 

I stirred the splashing mass - especially 

when making plum jam.

Usually it took my whole day.

Today the process is completely different.

You can read the opinions of our customers below.

For them, making jam, marmalade, snack, ketchup, 

making pizza sauce, chutney

is not excruciating 

and time-consuming work at all, 

because they have the Marmela there!

Lack of time, 

lack of time, 

lack of time ....

He who wins time wins life!

Yes, it's a pretty old saying, but it's still true.

Sometimes you check upon it, that is all You have to do.
Sometimes you check upon it, that is all You have to do.

I offer not just 
a jam mixer, but:
Free time and sucess!
A new method! 

What do You get?


Do you like reliable equipment with a long service life?

Then You are at the right place :

MARMELA's warranty period is 3 years, 

we will not repair any defective parts, 

but will immediately send a new one instead.

I can proudly state that since 2014, 

when MARMELA first entered the market, 

there has not been a single warranty complaint! 

None even one!

What do you get?


MARMELA's pot is a high-quality stainless steel pot, 

in which you can prepare any other food as well.

It fits in your your kitchen, 

among your other pots.

The pot is stabilized by a modern, multi-layered "sandwich" bottom, 

it does not wobble on the stove.

The Marmela motorized jam mixing equipment 

can be used on any type of stove.

(gas, electric, induction, etc.)

Low speed mixer, every single part 

is made of stainless steel.

Since the bottom of the pot 

is constantly stirred by the mixer, 

the jam does not burn down!

What else do you get?



All parts of MARMELA are stainless and hard-wearing.
All parts of MARMELA are stainless and hard-wearing.

Wear-resistant, insensitive to damage, 

a real eternal piece,

which is not common for most products nowadays.

The MARMELA jam mixer and jam maker 

does not belong to the "buy it and then throw it away" category.

If you are making fruit cheese or plum jam, 

you can thicken it as long as you like.

If for two days, then for two days.

Don't worry, it works smoothly, not only for 10-20 hours, 

but even for several days, continuously.

We designed, manufactured and checked it to 

serve you for a very, very long time.

It can be cleaned quickly.

It is extremely easy to wash by hand or by machine, 

the stainless steel parts are very easy to clean.

.. and what else do you get?


You will get a "phone charger", don't be surprised, 

because it's looks exactly like that!

Yes, MARMELA works with 12 V voltage, 

the risk of electric shock is zero, 

it is like a flashlight or a child's toy.

You don't need to be a technical genius 

to assemble and disassemble.

Simple, easy to understand and lightning fast.

You can focus your energy on what is the most important.

Your family, friends, the ones you love!

Fatigue will not limit your time, 

you can focus on something else!

For example, you can make sugar-free 

jam, marmalade or some healthy treats.

With MARMELA, it's very easy!

Let's put healthy food on the family table!

You can make your creative fantasy 

come true while making jam, marmalade, tomato sauce!

If you become a MARMELA owner, 

we will send you a "booklet" with 

lots of good advice and tips to be as successful 

as possible in this very creative, 

fun and enjoyable "game".

Marmela cooker and mixer equipment
Marmela cooker and mixer equipment

Are you interested in who usually buys which product?

Marmela-15 with a 16.5 liter pot.

Usually bought by:

- beginners, just getting to know this interesting and very useful activity,

- expert jam makers, because with this model it is not a problem to make a larger quantity,

- people who live in a house with a garden and have a few fruit trees, or have a reliable source of fruits,

- people who buy it as a gift for experienced wives and grandmothers, making their work a lot easier,

- confectioners, restaurants.

Marmela-20 with a 21 liter pot.

Usually bought by:

Usually bought by:

- those who have a lot of fruit trees, the canning of which takes a lot of time, maybe they are local farmers and they can save a lot of time with MARMELA,

- people who are small producers and make marmalade, jam, zakuska, fruit cheese, tomatoes, pizza sauce or any other sauces for sale,

- confectioners, restaurants

If you have a question and you couldn't find an answer to on this page, send us a message using the "Contact" menu item.

If you have a small garden 

or have access to cheap fruit, 

then better process 

the fruit and sell it that way!

Everyone will be 

eager to get their hands on

your own handmade jam, 

marmalade, and sauce!

Benefits of using MARMELA:

- You can put the fruit in the pot continuously 

while peeling and cleaning it, so you save a lot of time.

- You only have to do the preparatory and finishing work,

the most tiring part of the work is done by MARMELA.

- You can use it for many things, e.g. confectioners also 

use it to mix various creams and chocolates.

- You can focus on creativity and "delicacy", not on tedious work.

- You can do anything during the cooking process , 

you don't have to stand at the stove.

- You don't have to stir the mass it is automatic.

- You can make jam and marmelade without any additives or sugar.

- You can reduce the water content until it is not suitable for you.

- Flavoring and sweetening can also be done afterwards as well.

- With this jam mixer, you can easily make a 

thick homemade jam for cakes, 

which has to be cooked for a long time 

and can take up to 14 - 18 hours.

- You can even make fruit cheese with MARMELA!

- It is easy to clean by hand or dishwasher.

...and store-bought jams?

You are probably used to reading the labels on the boxes and bottles of the products. You can learn a lot of interesting things there. If the family wants to eat healthy, then jams and marmalades available in stores are not really suitable for this.

For example when you make a homemade cake, then these products annoyingly leak out of the cake into the oven!

It is because whether the jam has been thickened with pectin, sugar or gelatin, so it will definitely become runny in the oven.

It is also worth thinking about why store-bought jams are so sweet. The answer is very simple: sugar is much cheaper than fruit! For me, jam is at least 80-90% fruit, or more. Of course, the amount of sugar for sweetening varies by fruit, but you should try to use as little as possible.

I'm not telling you news how important reducing sugar consumption is for your family.

You should rather do it yourself!

Believe it or not, you can make wonderful jam without sugar or any additives.

What's the secret? Most of the water in the fruit must be evaporated, so it thickens even without sugar. You can sweeten the jam afterwards, possibly with honey or a healthy sweetener. Well, and the most important thing: it must be stored in a sterile container so it will last for a long time. Of course, cooking takes time, not a little, but it doesn't affect you, since there is MARMELA!

Marmela is your professional helper, 

with it you get 

free time and success.

Here's your chance to amaze 

your family and friends, 

and have more free time!


We cannot guarantee that you will still be able to buy it tomorrow.

Of course, our production capacity and stock are has limits.

Therefore, if you are interested in MARMELA, order it in time.

You may have to wait longer for the next series.


Sit back, drink a good coffee or tea, you have nothing to worry about! We have been producing MARMELA since 2014, and got a lot of experience since!

The warranty period of MARMELA is 3 years. If you missed it before: we do not repair anything, if something malfunctions, we replace the part again, but this has never happened before! Just as there was no warranty claim ever!

We offer a 100% payback guarantee! If you have not used MARMELA after unpacking it and decided that it is not what you expected or meant, there is no problem at all! 

Repackage it, send it back to our address, and we will immediately transfer the money back to your account. 

We won't ask a single question.

I can assure you that no one has ever asked for their money back!

There are four steps 

when ordering MARMELA:

1. Click on the "ORDER" button and fill out the order form.

2. We usually confirm your order in an email within one or two business days.

3. If the product is in stock, we will mail it in the shortest possible time and you will receive it in a few days.

4. Upon delivery, we will send you the invoice by email.

Please note that the issued invoice is no to VAT (AAM),

the invoice does not include VAT (value added tax).

Don't miss out!


The advantages of 


stemming from its design:

- High-quality stainless steel pot with lid,

which can also be used for other purposes.

- Hard-wearing, stainless steel parts.

- Strong, slow-revving engine, with 12 V "phone charger".

- No contact hazard.

- The pot fits among your other dishes, no separate storage space is needed.

- The disassembled mixer fits in a small drawer.

If you have a question that you couldn't find an answer to on this page, send us a message in the "Contact" menu item.

Don't you have one yet?



While MARMELA is working 

in your kitchen, you can relax, 

read, pursue your hobbies, 

play with your children, 

be with your partner, 

cook lunch or dinner, 

and enjoy the closeness 

of your loved ones.

You should know that your time and energy are worth significantly more than the price of MARMELA!

Make a healthy, sugar-free delicacy for your family!

You can buy anything, 

with money except 

your unnecessarily wasted time for anything, 

no matter how much money you have.

Also, your health is worth more than anything, 

"you are what you eat "!

Put healthy delicacies 

on the family table!

MARMELA will help you 

and others with this process.

Get on it!

Breakfast with the world's most delicious cherry jam!
Breakfast with the world's most delicious cherry jam!

From now on, you can make divinely delicious jam, marmelade, fruit cheese, pizza sauce, and ketchup at any time, effortlessly and easily!

Comments of our customers

Olga Behrens, Germany

Finally, a simple, eternal kitchen appliance!

He does what he does, cooks and mixes. Here in Neumünster, I am proudly showing it off to our friends, they often ask for a loan the Marmela.

With my girlfriends, who also make jam, we sometimes throw a MARMELA jam-making party.

I didn't regret it, in fact, it was well worth the price.

It saves me a lot of time and effort.

Rozika Maczó, "Rozy", Szentendre

We grow a lot of fruit in our garden, we love delicacies, jam and marmalade.

To be honest, I really doubted that he could use a phone charger for days without any problems by only using a phone charger, it seemed a bit unbelievable to me.

But, we tried it, we bought it and we wouldn't give it up for any money. The fact that I only have to look at it from time to time and can go after my more important things in the meantime is really great.

MARMELA is a kitchen treasure. Very simple, completely stainless, looks good, easy to work with, I love it! 

Somlai Monika, Páty

I've heard about it before, but at first I didn't believe in it, then I saw it in action at a friend's house.

It immediately swept me off my feet.

The fact that you don't have to stand there and stir, saves you a lot of time and that worth everything for me. I also made pizza sauce, paprika and tomato sauce with it. Super good!

With three children, this way I get back valuable hours for years, I haven't counted how many, but it's definitely not a few.

Great little machine, congratulations and thanks for it!

Peter Lovász, Budapest

We have been using MARMELA since 2014.

We make traditional, very thick jams.

These take quite a long time to cook.

I don't have to stand and stir for hours, and that is an important aspect for me, because I am not young anymore.

Because of the fact that it works on 12 volts, there is no fear of accidents next to the steaming pot, this was a very strong argument for us!

It has been working perfectly for years, and in the meantime we have much more time to spend with our grandchildren.

Ónodi Ági, Érd

I liked it right away.

It's simple, not complicated, you don't need to be a "expert".

The pot fits among my other dishes, it doesn't need a separate space in the kitchen cupboard. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and I can wash it easily as well.

Compared to my friends, I make relatively a lot of jams and marmalades, so I can say that it is a really big help.

It's good that it exists and it's good that we have it.

Also perfect for jams, but for thick jams - e.g. into cakes - a jackpot.

Kovács Miklós, Budapest

We cook a lot of jam every year. My neighbor first bought MARMELA, I borrowed it and now I also have my own MARMELA.

Being a technical person, I immediately liked its simplicity, the very few possibilities for errors, the fact the you can keep it clean easily and also the stable, solid construction.

It's great that I put the stuff on the stove, and then I wash the car, tidy up the garage, mow the lawn, whatever, I only check up on it from time to time.

Each cooking session took away hours of my life, and it was very boring.

I recommend it to everyone who cooks jam!

Don't miss out!

Enjoy the benefits 

of Marmela too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Won't my jam burn down at the bottom of the pot?

- The mixer is designed so that there is no burn under normal cooking conditions. It is important to pay attention to the content of the user manual, so that cooking takes place only on a low, maximum on a medium intensity.

Can I use it on a gas or induction stove?

- MARMELA can be used on all types of stoves. On a gas stove, it is advisable to use a large heat distribution plate larger than the bottom of the pot, using a medium flame.

Is there a risk of electric shock above the steaming pot?

- MARMELA works at a low voltage of 12 Volts (like a flashlight or a children's toy), which completely excludes the risk of accidental electric shock.

How long does it take to cook my jam?

- MARMELA's motor is very strong and very stable. 14-18 hours of continuous operation can be maintained without any difficulty

Will the equipment not rust?

- Every part of MARMELA is made of high-quality stainless steel, so rust cannot occur.

How long can I cook my jam?

- It depends on the fruit, the water content and the expected result. When cooking without sugar and additives: if the water content is high, you have to cook it longer (this can be up to 10 hours), with less water content it can be as short as 1-2 hours.

Can I buy MARMELA as a company?

-Yes, but your tax number will also be required in order to issue the invoice (during the ordering process) and note that the invoice does not include VAT (VAT exempt status).

Does the equipment havean EC declaration of conformity? 

- Yes, the MARMELA has an EC declaration of conformity.

Who manufactures and distributes Marmela cooking and mixing equipment?

- Dr Dobos Erzsébet Anna sole trader and individual entrepreneur. 

Tax number: 49162877-1-33 

Post mailing address: 2071 Páty Vörösmarty u. 27. Hungary


Yes, you must should have 

more free time too!

If you have any qestions, 

click to "Contact" and 

writing a message to me.

Here click to "We love cook to jam" blog (in hungary).